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Friday, June 23, 2006


my kids loved and still love frozen stuff: blueberries, corn, peas. And it's so easy for dad and mom!

Sorry to hear about the termites, that's too bad. Hope the de-termiting process isn't too much of a hassle for you guys.

and happy b'day to Seth!!


I will have to remember the frozen stuff to try for my boy. He's only got 2 teeth though, how do you find stuff that they can chew on but not have it slide down their throats and get stuck?

There is no perfect answer. Blueberries defrost quickly, so there is little chance they'll really cause choking. Btw, we had to use real food cause both our kids hated commercial baby food.

Here were some of our tricks:

·Cutting up watermelon into tiny pieces.
·We also cut up a variety of other melons into even tinier pieces, since they’re harder.
·Cutting up apples the size and shape of wood matches. Lael and Seth used their incisors to bite off little pieces
·My wife would microwave frozen peas and corn before mashing them into safe-size morsels.
·Quartering grapes.
·We cut bananas into itty-bitty pieces.
·I would cut cucumbers length-wise to look like French Fries. Both loved to chew on them that way and choking risk seemed minimal.

Any sort of bean is also good. Microwave them on medium, rinse in cold water (which both cools them and gets rid of some of the starch) then cut them in half.

You can leave frozen veggies in the fridge overnight to defrost instead of microwaving them, which destroys vitamins.

Unfortunately, frozen fruits left in the fridge turn to mush by the time you're ready to serve them. Defrost them on the counter for a few minutes if you're really afraid of choking.

Crusts of bread are also good, since they dissolve in the mouth, and almost any sort of cracker. We liked the rye crisps for her because of all the fiber. Try the thinner ones first.

Cold cuts, chicken, tuna and cheese slices can be torn into pea-sized pieces too.

Our pediatrician assured me that having Lael eat solid foods, particularly finger foods, was better for her than jarred baby food.

Remember, no raisins or dried fruits or nuts of any kind until at least 3 yrs. old. Hope this helps!

Happy Birthday Seth!

My son just had his birthday. I think we're about done with the group parties. In the future we'll probably just have him invite one good friend for a special day somewhere.

Anne: Thanks, hon.

Phil: I like the group parties, but they are exhausting.

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