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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Where did you go in Wisconsin??

Kayaking? Sounds like fun, I think.

My folks recently retired and moved to northern Wisconsin (minocqua). They say that the ticks this year are especially bad. I'm still amazed that they paid $20K for 5 acres in the woods and then spent only $200K to build a beautiful new house that's much nicer than the overpriced shack I have here in LA.

John Wayne Airport in Orange County: Are you serious? That's scary...

Sounds like a hectic but nice trip.

The paint was barely dry on the new house, which was stunning. Whose new house? Do I sense some major relocation northwards?

Fredette: I'd rather not mention the lake name.

Phil: Didn't you just buy a kayak?

Paul: That's one thing about the Midwest -- if you need to bail, you can find affordable housing.

Chip: No, I'm not headed for Wisconsin. I was visiting someone who likes his anonymity.

This is a very cool blog dealing with:
parenting/massively creative people/selling house/
mystery destinations..

Wow...Who knew that from the simple entry of "DadTalk" that you would lead us into such adventure!

So what's happening with your love of New Zealand?

Thanks Nadine. I don't think I'll be headed for New Zealand anytime soon. While I like to dream of going there, we really have too much family in the states to move there anytime soon.

I do hope to go for a visit in 3-5 years though.

People like keeping their lakes a secret here. I just live here on a lake -- that's all :)

I can't blame you. The last thing you want is everyone to know how great the place you live is because they'll be buying there tomorrow.

I like kayaking( with inflatable kayaks)They are easy to control.

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