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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Congratulations about the house being in escrow. What a wonder adventure of simplification you and the family have started on.

We're confident that your dreams will come true. We love you very much.

Why, Lael is just bubbling over with happiness these days. Of course, that would be from the bubble bath incident I emailed you about. Still.

Happy Father's Day, you human butterfly, you.

the important thing is that you're moving in the direction of where you want to be.
Happy father's day!

Thanks all

You're not alone here. I think this is a common problem faced by so many of us parents.
But always remember that a small amount of quality time spent with your kids, from a loving dad, which you so obviously are, is 10x that of a parent who doesn't really care.
You're kids know how much you love them, that's so importatnt :)

The important thing is that you recognize a need for change. Not just for your kids, but for yourself. I know fathers who are perfectly happy working 80 hours a week.. they never even think about their kids in that respect. But it's obvious that you want more and you are working toward a situation that is better for you and the kids. We're all in control of our own lives. People only get stuck when they forget that.

The difficult part is giving up the things that you like for long-term advantage. The house, for example. But that is a "thing." I want something more meaningful over the long haul.

Hi I came across you blog by accident. I am also a dad with 2 small kids living in the IE. Sofware developer for small firm. I can totally understand your situation. I use to commute to Pasadena and it was driving me and my family insane. I was lucky to find a job close by paying LA salary. I guess I am the exception. Dont feel bad about selling your house. There will be plenty of opps to buy back into the market. Plus its a wise move as its about to dive. I myself am listing my Chino home this month and plan to rent. Its tough when you have kids but its for a better future. We will be in a better financial position. Debt free, money earning interest and a wife that can continue to stay at home with the kids. Just doing whats best for my family. Who cares what others think. Good luck amigo.

Thanks, JJ. I can't speak for Brett, but there's actually a lot I'll miss about the Inland Empire. I made a lot of nice friends here.

Thanks JJ. You see the housing market much the way I do.

Don't forget that the amount of time with our children is not as important as the quality of that time. A good 5 hours a week is better than a not good 10. It's true. Maybe it's more worth your time to make the best of the time you have with them (and they have with you) than fighting the job, etc. to make more time. I'm certainly not saying don't make more time, but that the time you already have with them is what matters most.

JGS: Yeah, quality time does matter over quantity, but somehow, I'm still not satisfied. Nice blog, btw.

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