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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


That's pretty depressing. No wonder we're falling behind other countries on producing math and science college students. One more thing to thank our elected officials for!

Our kids are going to private school if I have to swing my purse on Hollywood and Vine to afford it.

I was a gifted child, but like many schools, you had to be utilaterally gifted to make it into the program. I repeatedly tested, and repeatedly came up one point too low on the tests. So my parents supplimented my educational needs at home.

I struggled majorly in high school English and college classes because I had never ever had to study before. I mean, they taught us how we were supposed to, but never have used them before I found the first year of college frustrating.

I was doing algebra in 3rd grade, and took a college level chem class when my peers were in 5th grade. But I NEVER qualified for gifted. It was stupid, and I think, in the end, damaging to my sense of self as a kid and my habits as a student.

Landismom: Yeah, I'm sorry to be the bearer of repeated bad news.

Anne: Um, no.

Autumn: Sounds like we had a pretty similar experience.

This is why we're home-schooling our son next year... Bored and frustrated describe him perfectly right now. I'm looking forward to accelerating the learning process for him on certain subjects. And if we have a sudden brainstorm for a good field trip, we can simply hop in the car and go. The freedom and flexibility is going to be very exciting for us all. You know I'll be blogging about it.

And I'll be following it.

We like to blame Bush for No Child Left Behind, but he didn't create this monster all by himself. Among others, a main proponent was Ted Kennedy.

I totally agree Jeff that this crisis has been in the making over several decades and that both parties are to blame. My big fear is that neither party is capable of fixing the problem.

gifted child must be thought about humanity as well...

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