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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


the worst thing about having teenagers is that I fall asleep before they do! The only thing my kids have in their rooms are: BK has a fish tank; CB has a cd player. No TV, no internet, no computer, no cell phone. The only internet access is in a public place (in our dining room).

BK doesn't and never has had a sleeping problem, though he's actually sleeping a bit more than when he was younger. CB is a bit tougher to get to bed early enough and get up so she won't miss her bus. And she's starting to want coffee... Oy!

I love coffee but don't touch it. I don't sleep for days when I drink one glass of decaffeinated.

Our computer for the kids will be in a public place, too.

A larger cause of sleepy students is how early school starts. Students at my wife's school are expected to be in class at 7:55, and that's just physiologically too early for kids.

Adults need less sleep than kids, and kids' bodies aren't ready for sleep at night until later than adults'. Kids get short-changed.

Heck, I have a hard time getting Seth to preschool at 9 a.m.

Thank you for this post, it was really interesting to read.

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