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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I guess I have mixed feelings on the CA smoking ban. As a consumer, I also like being able to take my kids out to eat without them inhaling tons of second-hand smoke and I even like to be able to go out to bars, not that it happens to frequently these days, without having to come home smelling like I just smoked a carton of Marlboros

On the other hand, I can't help but feel business owners have the right to set their own smoking policies without govt. interference. I think it would work out too - As a non-smoker I would tend to patronize only those establishments who didn't allow smoking, while those places who would like to include smokers can do so if they like

The smoking ban is one of the things I miss most about living in California.

The problem with allowing smoking in restaurants, for example, is that it's a bit like having a no-peeing section in a pool. It doesn't work.

The IHOPs in St. Louis have a non-smoking policy on the weekends, but simply because the smoker is gone doesn't mean the smoke is gone, too. My mother-in-law can't sit in the non-smoking section because of her asthma.

Smoke ruins food, clothing, decor, and is horrible for employees.

The bottom line is that my non-smoking doesn't affect anyone; smoking affects everyone.

I also understand that not all smokers toss their butts wherever they please. But I'm so tired of seeing piles of cigarette butts at intersections, busstops, and parks, that I really don't care anymore.

This isn't about the right to smoke; it's about personal responsibility and respect.

Here in Idaho we've had a smoking ban for a couple of years and it's great. I rarely see people smoking now... just in their cars and at the park. The best thing, though, is that we no longer have to smell and/or inhale the smoke.

My future brother in law works at a sports bar and grill about a half mile from our house that ALWAYS smells heavily like cigarette smoke. I've passed up going there several times, even though we can generally get free food if he's working, in favor of driving a few extra miles over to a neighboring city that does have a smoking ban. I dearly wish that we had one here in Scottsdale.

Gooch: I think the problem with letting businesses determine whether to allow smoking is that owners fear alienating smokers more than nonsmokers.

Jared and Phil: Exactly.

Mark: I've always been suprised Arizona hasn't passed smoking laws.

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