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Thursday, December 22, 2005


this was absolutely excellent news, and should come as no surprise. ID is NOT science, end of story! That anyone would seriously try to insert it into science classrooms, or that anyone would not see any problem doing this, is a sad, tragic statement on the state of science education in this country.

The other thing about this that bugs me is that these right wing fundamentalists are claiming the title of "Christians," using the word as if they represent all Christians in the US. In fact these right wing fundies represent a minority of all Christians. I think most are normal rational people who understand that religious beliefs don't have to be (and cannot be) scientifically proven. That the fundies think this way shows how weak their faith actually is.... < /rant >

Agreed. I find it strange they got as far as they did in a state such as Pennsylvania.

Being local, here's what we hear: Dover is planning on allowing it in schools, as part of a "world religions" sort of class. All the parents who pushed it will be able to get their kids to take the elective.

And Brett darlin', it's not Pennsylvania. It's Dover and the surrounding area. PA is like the US. Liberal on the sides and Bible Belt down the middle.

Thanks Autumn, I stand corrected about Dover.

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