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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Take Philly off the list :-)
They figured out that it wasn't vandals that got the Rittenhouse Menorah, it was the cary winds we had that night.
They fixed the bulbs and the arms that blew off the next day and no worries since.

Didn't realize you had family out in my neck of the woods. Enjoy yourselves here in the desert Southwest, the weather in Scottsdale has been gorgeous as always so be sure to bring your shorts!

Anonymous City Girl: I struck out Philly. Thanks for letting me know!

Mark: Thanks. The weather out here is kind of dreary today.

Happy Hanukka, and happier holidays to come. You guys make a wonderful looking family. You also have one helluva blog here.

Hope the helicopter feels better soon.

Masculiste: Thanks!

Psychotoddler: It's amazing what you can do with Goo glue.

Love the family shot!

Happy Hanukka!


I tried looking for the Home Depot tollkit (on their site) that you mention Seth got on-line but can't seem to find it. Any idea what it's called? Sounds like a stupid question as its probably called toolkit but a search of their site turns up nothing. My own son keeps asking for a play tool set and I keep forgetting to look for one. Thanks, Eric

Eric, the only place I've ever seen the Home Depot tools for sale is at Toys 'R Us.

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