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Friday, November 18, 2005


The "Choking Game" has been around for a very long time. I am now 46 years old and I remember a bunch of us kids trying it when I was 8 years old. We all thought it was so funny. When a kid would pass out, it was obvious that they were hallucinating. One kid in particular, had dropped to the ground and looked like he was playing the bango...we all laughed. I am sure that if we knew it was dangerous, we would not have "played that game". I am surprised to hear that it is still around and going strong...even killing kids. It is such a shame.

How scary. I had no idea the game had been around so long until I read the story in the Times. It must have missed my neighborhood.

MANY kids are dying the first time they try the this game alone. It's reported that there were 500 deaths in 2004 from this. My 16 year old son was one of them. He was a good kid - never did drugs. Loved life. But he heard of this "game" - tried it - and died. His 11 year old brother found him - 15 year old brother cut him down. I and my dh gave him CPR. It's now been almost a year since his death. It's still not easy. But kids and parents need to know. All it takes is ELEVEN seconds - your out, and you can't come to. It's done. It's over.



What a horrifying and upsetting story. It's so hard to understand, sometimes, how these things happen.

I hope you continue your effort to get the word out about this strange game.

Take care.



this game is very dangerous. I am currently doing research on this topic for a school news project. If you search the web there are over 92,747 entries of "the choking game." I am 17 years old, and i had never heard of this until a few weeks ago when I read an article about a girl named Sasha..found dead in her closet from this GAME. I have sat down with several friends who have admitted to knowing people who have done this. My best friend Tina, her brother passed out for 2 hours and than finally regained consciousness. This is very dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Lauren, thanks for information. we'd be interested in hearing more when you finish your report.

When I was nine, a friend introduced me to this 'game.' While I don't want to make it sound 'cool' (it's not) there is a high and a rush you get from cheating death. The problem is, it gets addictive. I'm a religious, Christian person brought up in a Catholic home, but I close my door and do things with cords and belts. I think I won't die, because I've done it many times without dying, but I'm afraid I'm killing brain cells. I don't know if I can stop. In one way or another, I do it a number of times a week and many times I almost pass out or I let myself down just as I lose consciousness. I wish there was a twelve step program to help me. Or that someone would.

Neon, you need to get professional help immediately.

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