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Thursday, November 17, 2005


My mom was a childbirth and pregnancy prevention teacher. I learned these things because that was what Mom did. She taught this stuff, the how to not get pregnant, and the what to do when you go pregnant. In a way sex was part of her lifestyle, it kept her employed.

By 5, I knew how sex worked - as did my 3yr old brother. Not that it matters. And I was told, early in puberty - maybe 12 yrs - that when I was ready to have sex, with someone I love and cherished and felt was special enough to share myself with, she's take me to the doctor and get checked out, get on the pill and she'd buy me condoms. Because she'd rather I be safe and honest.

Now, all parents can't or won't do that. But I waited til I was an adult and have always had safe sex. Because that's just what you do.

My mom was very open about sex too. That probably explains why I waited so long. That, or because I was pretty darned shy.

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