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Monday, October 03, 2005


I came over 'cause I liked your chocolate comment on Blue Sloth. ;-) I'm in So Cal too, smoke-choked the last several days, but at least my home isn't in danger this time. The snow-like ash does take me back to 2003, though.

Cheryl, thanks so much for the visit. Just a few more weeks until fire season is over. Cross your fingers.

My daughter has a friend that lives northwest of the I-15/Sierra exit (north of Fontana, south of Lytle Creek). Luckily, their home was spared.

Darn lucky. I saw a spot where the fires had jumped a nearby road in the 2003 fire. The firefighters must have performed Herculean feats stopping the runaway blaze. Had it gotten away from them, I bet a couple hundred homes would have gone up in Upland.

Yikes!! Very scary stuff!

When we lived in our apartment there was a fire in our building that sent thick black smoke throughout the building. I had to leave through the window fire escape. The one thing I took (this was pre-kids) was our cat, who I stuck into a backpack. She wasn't too happy but she survived.

Chip, I'm so glad that happened before kids. I know what my emotions would be like if I had to get my two kids out of a burning multistory building.

you're right brett, it would have been awful, especially if there were two, going down an old fire escape.

You know, reading all these posts, on housing costs, fires, sounds to me like deep down you really want to move back east... :-)

Hey, thanks for the concern. Yes, the Topanga fire was pretty scary - and very dramatic - from our proximity. But thankfully all is well now. And the kids had a great adventure. I made sure it was an "adventure" for them. As opposed to my neighbor, who was so stressed, she passed it on to her kids, who were asking me (in total seriousness) what if they caught on fire, etc? I couldn't believe it and immediately involved them in the "game" I created for my kids of packing little bags of clothes and snacks for the "fun" evacuation soon to come. We don't have the black soot you had to deal with, but a fine sifting of white ash fell for a couple days and lightly covered all. Ahh, life in SoCal during fire season...

Chip: I think I should solicit bids from different regions of the country. We'll move to the region that offers us the best package in terms of work, play, housing, etc.

Renee: We're going to invite you over for the next big fire so Seth and Lael will have games to play.

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