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Friday, September 16, 2005


I am underwhelmed by Google's latest offering. Some of my older blog posts are there, while I found a newer one missing from the database entirely, but Google did show me another blog linking to that entry.

I'll stick with the experts for now, Technorati. Google has a history of launching tangential services and letting them stagnate.

It's interesting that half your hits come from Google. The majority of my search engine traffic comes from MSN and Yahoo, which apparently aren't as biased against new blogs. I've even seen Google rank my pages lower when I search for keywords that I used in a blog post title, coupled with my blog name -- Google would rank higher other blogs that link to that post. Bah.

I actually don't want google to index my blog; I've put a no-robots command in it. I hope that these results only show up in blogger searches, and not in the overall google search...

I just checked; they show up in the blogger google search but not in the main google search.

Thingamababy: I've never really liked Technorati very much but it's been a while since I've used it. I agree that Google isn't perfect, either.

I didn't hear about newer blogs being treated differently than older ones. I never thought of my blog as old, since it's only about 1.5 years in age. ;--)

Chip: I suspect that only my older posts are showing up in Google, but I haven't had time to more fully investigate.

Google ranks "new" and "old" web sites differently based, partially, upon how many other web sites link to a given site. In that way, a "new" blog is at a considerable disadvantage in search results because far fewer other blogs link to it, for the time being.

Sigh, even the web doesn't play fair.

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