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Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm not sure how this content really matters. So we're saying that a MATURE game about sex, drugs, cop-killing, murder, carjacking, and gang violence is kosher for little Timmy, but an ADULT one isn't? That's not a very compelling case for concern. I'd be more interested in why Timmy was playing the MATURE game in the first place.

A game for adults gets even more adult. Film at 11.

I'm saying that neither is good for little Timmy.

I'm in no rush to introduce my child to video games, television, videos, movies, etc. I want her to find herself before she gets emersed in popular culture.

A month ago, I let Amazon know that listing Grand Theft Auto 3 in their "Kids and Family" category was inappropriate. In the list of Features on the page for the game, the first "feature" is "WARNING: Violent content and mature themes makes this game inappropriate for anyone under 17".

Apparently somebody considers that a "feature"!

I followed up with ANOTHER alert to Amazon a few weeks ago, but the game still remains in the kids and family category, at position #2. Perhaps they should start marketing cigarettes and booze in that category as well. Sheesh.

Click on my name below and it should bring you to my June 9th post on the topic with my updates along the way.

AJ, I have the same philosophy. Over time, Seth will develop enough strength and character to cope with our culture. Then we'll introduce him to hit in healthy and explanatory doses.

Mark, Thanks for being right up to date on this issue. Funny, I checked your site right before writing my post thinking I'd link to you, but I didn't go all the way back to June.

I have a big problem with a lot of what passes as 'tupical' for kids, from video games and movies to driving.

So much of what is called 'family entertainment' is trash. I remember hearing 'Home Alone' as being one such movie; rubbish.

My son plays nothing unless I've had a hand on it first, and that means playing the game and checking for reviews online.

I will be checking out all games as well.

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