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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Thanks for this post. As a mom of three, I am aware that we are a large family. One or two generations ago, three kids was probably average, no big deal. Now it is seen as "large" and people often remark and wonder how I do it. I homeschool and sometimes it is clear to me that I have pushed the limits by bringing my 3 kids along with me...The costs of raising children as well as the inconveniences of having a larger family in our society - including finding a car large enough to fit all the car seats and some travel web sites can't accommodate three kids- have contributed to our reasons for stopping at three...

Today we went to the local art museum where I was well aware that children were not welcome. Perhaps that is why I am writing a comment...although this topic - and many others you have written - resonate with me! thanks!

Your welcome, and thanks for commenting. People are so shy on my site, for some reason.

I took a look at your site; very nice. By the way, if I could just find a job in your neck of the woods, we'd be your neighbor in no time.

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